Upcoming Auctions

Unreserved Firearms Auction

This Unreserved Firearms Auction will include mainly European, Russian, Japanese, German, US Military Firearms, Bayonets, Military items, Ammunition, Gun Safes, Ammunition & Accessories. Auction may also be view at : www.auctionzip.com - Auctioneer #2029     

Preview for this auction will start at 8:00AM the day of the sale.



 1. Current photo ID  2. Either: a current FFL (please provide a copy for our files) or a completed Form 4473; (form supplied by Hesse Galleries) & NICS check 3. Payment of fees:  NICS check: $10.00 per Buyer; Processing Fee: $25.00 per Buyer (maximum per Buyer $35.00)  4. Additionally for Handgun Purchase by NYS Resident: Either a NYS Dealers License or Pistol Permit 

AMMUNITION DISCLAIMER: All ammo lots have been examined by Hesse Galleries staff and described as seen. However, Hesse Galleries will not be held responsible for errors or omissions in printed descriptions or in actual contents of ammo boxes/containers. 

Unreserved Antiques Auction

This auction will feature Part II of the Mike Nichols bottle collection; more from the Estate of Rod & Jeanne Johnson of Middlefield, NY & furniture from the Law Offices of James Konstanty and much more. 

Preview for this auction will start at 2:30pm the day of the auction.  Images and Detailed Listing coming soon.

Unreserved Multiple Estates Auction

This 3 session auction will begin at 4:30pm with The Civil War Collection of Dr. Richard Polgar of Oneonta, NY; continue at 5:30pm with a Collection of Good Toys from the Dr. Richard Polgar Collection and conclude at 6:30pm with the Chuck Rogers Coin Collection, with a few selected additions.